Expat Services

We strongly believe in maintaining Italian culture and heritage in all of our design specifications. However, we tend toward a more international design aesthetic, and can work with many different architectural styles.

We can help you design, contract, and construct your new or renovated home here in Italy, or we can act as a liaison between you and other professionals.

We can also help you at the beginning of the process by offering our professional opinion on one or several sites that you may be considering before moving here. We can evaluate sites for their economic, environmental, geographic, and historic value. With the current market as it is in Italy right now, there are many fine options, and it’s important to choose well.

The extent of service that we can offer you depends a bit on location, as many expats tend to find homes in the hills or mountains. We may suggest overseeing the project, with a local professional as our eyes on site. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss some options.

We are located in a town called Cavriago, just outside of Reggio Emilia. While we have had projects in other parts of Italy, most of our work is in the following cities and provinces of Emilia-Romagna:

  • Reggio Emilia and the Reggio Apennines (Appennino Reggiano)
  • Parma and the Parma Apennines (Appennino Parmense)
  • Modena and the Modena Apennines (Appennino Modenese)
  • Piacenza
  • Bologna
  • Mantova

As mentioned before, however, we are available for consultations all over Italy – especially for environmental certifications, such as Passive House (Casa Passiva) and LEED’s GBC Home.

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