We are happy and proud to announce that Mark Attard, Dan Berteletti, and Jackie Burnett, formerly of AE building Systems (Boulder, Colorado) have officially joined forces with Enrico Bonilauri and Mariana Pickering, formerly of Emu Architects (Cavriago, Italy), to form a new company offering products, services, and education in the latest building envelope technology.

On the Italian side of events, Enrico and Mariana have spent the last seven years shaping Emu Architects into a progressive studio, practicing the latest in building envelope design for the Italian market. The past couple of years, in particular, have seen their work shift from traditional architectural design projects to more specific building science consultancies with innovative projects all over the world. They’ve formed valuable relationships in the European Passivhaus community, specifically in window and wall design. Emu Architects has recently developed the first Passivhaus certified pre-designed wall assembly for the Mediterranean climate, and Enrico will be presenting on that at both the International Passivhaus Conference in Darmstadt, Germany, and the North American Passive House Network Conference in New York.

In December of 2015, Mariana moved to the US to begin collaborating with newly established partners in Colorado. Enrico is currently closing up construction projects in Italy and establishing new connections with European partners. He will be moving to Colorado by the end of 2016, but will maintain many important ties in Europe over the coming years.

Meanwhile, the past few months in Colorado have involved the negotiation of a transfer in ownership of AE Building Systems to Mark Attard. AE was founded in 2011 by Todd Collins, and has been primarily a resource for high performance building envelope construction supplies. Mark had been acting as Managing Director for several months, hoping to push the company in the direction of consulting and professional training.

While that sales agreement was unable to be completed, it allowed an invaluable opportunity for collaboration between Mark, his sales team (Dan and Jackie), Mariana from Emu Architects, and several key partners, to be able to grow their shared vision of a company with an international knowledge base and locally specific solutions for architects, contractors and building owners seeking high performance building envelope design. Parting ways with AE Building Systems was not a simple decision, but the entire team is confident that this is a good move.

The new Emu Building Science team will continue offering the same range of high quality construction supplies that Mark, Dan, and Jackie’s customers have come to expect, with the added benefit of a new range of services in both consulting and continuing education to help designers and builders tackle the hurdles that can sometimes make high efficiency design difficult. Emu will rely heavily on the science of building technology, distilling that into the most relevant and useful information for clients and partners.


We provide specialized building supplies, expert guidance, and advanced education to architects, contractors, building owners, and construction industry professionals.

Our sophisticated knowledge base and innovative product line promote quality green building methods, energy efficiency, comfort and health.


Please stay tuned for more updates as we get up and running. Rest assured that any ongoing service being offered by Mark, Dan, and Jackie, in Colorado will continue, as will any collaborations established with Enrico and Mariana in Italy. Note that because of the termination of the AE transfer of ownership, there will be no Open House on April 8th in Boulder, CO. We will keep you all updated when we establish a new space. And don’t worry, there will be a party.

Want to dig deeper?

We’ll need a little bit of time to get our old Emu Architects website updated to reflect the new mission of Emu Building Science. Until then, however, please feel free to explore our blog. Most of the building technology articles have been translated from Italian by Enrico Bonilauri. Feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have!