Sustainable Building Certifications

Enrico Bonilauri is the first architect in Emilia-Romagna to become a Certified Passive House Designer, also with experience in Casa Clima. Mariana Pickering is an Accredited Professional in both the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification and LEED Italia.

Certifying your house or building is a way to ensure quality and sustainability to the values of a set group of standards. Not only does this introduce the idea of accountability in construction, but it provides a method for comparing performance values and measuring the true sustainability of a building. Each certification scheme is bound by different parameters and addresses different aspects of design and construction. In general, we advise our clients to certify their buildings for the following reasons:

  1. Due to additional control over design and construction, the quality of the resulting construction is a lot higher.
  2. A certified building has a much higher market value than a non-certified one.

There are three certification schemes here in Italy with which we are particularly experienced with. Please click on the certification logos to learn more about them.

PH Designer Logo

Passive House
high-performance energy efficiency with focus on comfort

CasaClima Logo

energy efficiency in building envelopes


integrated environmental sustainability

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